*BUNDLE* A Deadly Misunderstanding and The Qur'an with References to the Bible
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*BUNDLE* A Deadly Misunderstanding and The Qur'an with References to the Bible

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A Deadly Misunderstanding

Mark Siljander recounts his spiritual odyssey from anti-Muslim Christian conservative to pioneer in discovering ground-breaking common roots between Islam and Christianity, while trailblazing a unique diplomatic path for bringing the two communities together.

This story inspires hope in our increasingly desperate world, uncovering compelling common ground for followers of these two super-power religions. At the root of our mutual discord are basic misunderstandings of foundational concepts such as the meaning of “religion” and “conversion.” In A Deadly Misunderstanding, Siljander breaks down and re-assembles keys to understanding these concepts through the lens of the ancient Semitic languages of the Abrahamic religions, making paradigm-shifting discoveries that unite rather than divide us.

The Qur'an with References to the Bible
A modern English translation of the Qur’an into contemporary English accompanied by thousands of footnotes referring to similarities in the Bible and a second project; a translation from the ancient Aramaic Gospels into modern English (with Arabic side-by-side) accompanied by footnotes with common references back to the Qur’an.                    

Work began on this project in 2010 when a group of leaders caught the vision to document and reference the startling similarities between the Qur’an and Bible (Old & New Testaments) through reference footnotes in a new translation of the Qur’an into contemporary English. These similarities in the Scriptures are not generally known to those in either the East or the West, and additionally, an accurate understanding of the ancient texts often requires additional explanation to a foreign audience.

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