Donation to Bridges to Common Ground
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Donation to Bridges to Common Ground

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Donations make our work possible!

We will use your contributions to undermine the foundational forces that fuel religious radicalism and promote the inner and outer spiritual “peace” that we all seek.

Your contributions make it possible to continue an increasingly urgent strategy, drawn from secrets of the ancient East. We have designed our programs to impact communities, both at home, as well as communities around the world. We want to further empower the awakening God has started; Bridges is merely a small piece of an awesome puzzle put together by God’s handiwork.

 Some of the projects that your donations go to include:

  • Send teams to inspire hope & peace in places like San Bernardino, Paris, Beirut and Central African Republic.
  • Dissolve misunderstanding and forge new bonds of trust and care in our religious communities at home.
  • The tools & resources to empower awakenings are a key to new thinking and action.
  • and much more...

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