*eBook* A Deadly Misunderstanding: (2nd Edition)
A Deadly Misunderstanding by Mark Siljander
*eBook* A Deadly Misunderstanding: (2nd Edition)
*eBook* A Deadly Misunderstanding: (2nd Edition)
*eBook* A Deadly Misunderstanding: (2nd Edition)
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*eBook* A Deadly Misunderstanding: (2nd Edition)

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A Deadly Misunderstanding: Quest to Bridge the Muslim/Christian Divide (2nd Edition).

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  • Released June, 2016

Mark Siljander recounts his spiritual odyssey from anti-Muslim Christian conservative to pioneer in discovering ground-breaking common roots between Islam and Christianity, while trailblazing a unique diplomatic path for bringing the two communities together.

This story inspires hope in our increasingly desperate world, uncovering compelling common ground for followers of these two super-power religions. At the root of our mutual discord are basic misunderstandings of foundational concepts such as the meaning of “religion” and “conversion.” In A Deadly Misunderstanding, Siljander breaks down and re-assembles keys to understanding these concepts through the lens of the ancient Semitic languages of the Abrahamic religions, making paradigm-shifting discoveries that unite rather than divide us.

His findings are drawn from twenty-seven years of study and practice in a real life journey. Wherever he and his praying partners travel among Muslim nations, the outcome of their quiet diplomacy is respect, trust, love of friends and enemies, and significant real-world breakthroughs in crisis situations of which few are aware.

His book offers a new model based on ancient truths, proven to powerfully affect people, conflicts, countries, and potentially change cultures. This seemingly implausible path to peace dismantles the engine of terror without firing a single shot.

Prior to and since the book’s 2008 publication, Siljander has traveled across the US and world to share his story and message, culminating in the launch of Trac5, to aid others in getting involved to shape and expand this movement and message for a bold path to peace.

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"Mark Siljander arrived in the U.S.Congress as part of the Gingrich led invasion. To have a man of his background, a religious conservative who still affirms his faith and stand, write such a book is nothing less than astounding. “A Deadly Misunderstanding” is extremely well researched and a product of enormous thought. This book deserves to be read." -- Prof. T. Davis Bunn

"While prophets of doom and gloom are busy promoting the cataclysmic philosophy of clash of civilizations, we now have a whole band of committed thinkers , and writers who are working hard to promote dialogue and reconciliation, building on our shared beliefs and interpreting our religious scriptures to give a message of hope and confidence. Mark Siljander is one of these bridge builders. His book teaches us how to transform barriers into bridges and promote respect and understanding between Muslim and Christian believers. I would like to recommend this powerful book to Muslims, Christians, Jews, and to all the faithful who are concerned about the safety and security of our planet and the wellness of the human family." -- Dr. Sayyid Syeed

"As President George W. Bush has said, the West has no quarrel with the faithful followers of Islam, but rather with radical fundamentalists who have distorted a well-respected religion and, as a result, want to do us harm. Mark Siljander’s insightful book offers a sensible and compassionate explanation for this deadly discord between cultures. Recognizing that there is controversy surrounding Mr. Siljander and this book, does not diminish the importance of his central theme: a key to reconciling the East and West is to clear up the historic misunderstandings that define the Muslim-Christian divide. His book offers a blueprint for breaking this logjam of dissension that contributes to so much conflict today." -- Hon. James A. Baker III

"Anyone involved in Christian-Muslim relations knows that both sides too frequently inflame distrust and misunderstanding. Thank God for peacemakers like Mark Siljander, who are working for mutual understanding and respect. Christians who read A Deadly Misunderstanding will gain insight not only into Islam but into the way of Jesus as well. They’ll also find themselves unable to put the book down: it’s a real page-turner, and its message is revolutionary." -- Brian McLaren


CREDIT: John David Mann, contributor, website

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